IrDA Dongle ActiSys IR2012UL

Dear LIFEPAK® user,

you will need to use this official driver for the ActiSys IR2012UL to be used with DT Express to download status and treatment data from LIFEPAK 1000, LIFEPAK CR Plus and LIFEPAK 20e.

Driver ActiSys IR2012 UL Windows 10 64 bit

Actisys IR2012UL Compability

Compatible operating systems: Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit)

Compatible devices: LIFEPAK® CRPlus, LIFEPAK® 1000, LIFEPAK® 20(e) without CMM

Compatible software: DT Express, LIFENET Device Agent, CODE-STAT Version 5 - 9, Device PIP tools

Available direction: download & upload

Installation: Use only this driver, see following notes under Installation on Windows 10 64-bit


Installation on Windows 10 64-bit

1.) Check version of Windows 10 by accessing Windows properties on the computer or by typing "Winver.exe" into the command line.

- For Windows Version up to 180x upgrade to the current Version of Windows 10

- For Windows Version 190x, 

    - install drivers, 

    - if applicable enable IrDA in Stryker Software communication settings

- For Windows Version 20xx

    - add feature "IrDA Infrared" from Windows optional features *2

    - install drivers

    - if applicable enable IrDA in Stryker Software communication settings

*2: Add feature "IrDA Features" from Windows optional features (Windows 10 Version 20xx only)

- Open Settings

- Click Settings

- Click Optional features

- If "IrDA Infrared" is not listed click "Add a feature"

- Activate "IrDA Infrared"

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